Tracy's DMP 2013 Weekly Tasks and Reflections

Goals and Expectations

Coming into this course, it’s the last semester of study and I’ve spent quite a bit of time assessing ‘where to from here’ once this degree is over and how I can use this subject to move forward.

My electives in the degree have all been in education and eLearning, which correlates more closely with my professional background. I have noticed in my field that there are quite  a number of eLearning professionals who have very strong skills in the education domain- understanding about learners, course structures, LMS’, theories of learning online, etc… but that they often don’t fully understand the technologies out there, or theories and practices in multimedia design. I think that this degree will allow me to ‘straddle’ both disciplines and bring traditionally separate domains together. If I could use this course to demonstrate a balanced idea/ product, it would give me something I could show to future employers in a field I’d like to expand into.

When I came into this degree, I was in different employment and was on a slightly different track. I had come into this degree with a very ‘hands-on’ job- where I was doing a lot of designing, creating and training. I now have more management tasks and I’m doing less of the ‘hand-on’ work myself. I expect this type of work will continue. Some of this I like, but it has also thrown some challenges. I would like to be someone who can help bring the best out of everyone, organise teams and understand about project management techniques, approaches and processes that are effective and useful.

My learning objectives for the course include:

  • Managing a project form idea to completion with a team
  • Learning about project management, identifying PM strengths and areas for growth and demonstrating growth
  • Understanding of all aspects of the design process in order to effectively guide a team to producing the best deliverables we’re capable of
  • Using creative design to craft a platform that supports and enhances online learning

Skills and Knowledge

  • Creativity and getting a team to be creative, pooling ideas
  • Project management
  • All aspects of the design process at a high level to be able to get a ‘big picture’ view
  • The eLearning landscape and how platforms can impact on effective/ engaged learning


Hello World!

This will be my space for weekly tasks and reflections for DMP 2013.